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This is a small jar containing 5 medical leeches in a clear briny solution.

The solution is an alchemical serum concocted to keep this leeches in a hibernating state. Taking a leech out of the jar will reanimate it, a reanimated leech cannot be returned to hibernation except by a trained alchemist. Medical leeches are raised by alchemists and apothecaries with special potions to suck out illnesses and conditions out of patients.

An action can be used to take a leech out of the jar and affix it to the skin of a humanoid. At the start of each turn that humanoid has the leech in his skin they will lose one hit die and will recover from, if they have it, one status condition (blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, invisible, paralyzed or poisoned), the effects of one potion (only for potions with duration), or the symptoms of one disease for the next 24 hours. If the humanoid has more than one of these the DM will decide which one is leeched at the start of each turn. A humanoid with none of these affectations will still lose a hit die at the start of each turn but suffer no other ill effect.

Taking the leech out costs a bonus action and can be done by the humanoid or by any other able character that can see the leech in their skin. If the humanoid is unwilling to have the leech removed it can be solved by a dexterity or strength contest.

Cost: 10gp
Weight: 1lb

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