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The Meadowlands is the breadbasket of Aerinthia. Fertile fields cover the entire kingdom and small halfling shires dot its landscape. Small forests cover the diminutive hills between the fields and shires. Meadowlands is ruled by a council of community elders, who advise their appointed king. Currently the former king died, leaving an infant heir and orphan. The council has taken over care of the child and the head of the council, Jerham Harrowblade, is serving as regent. Jerham hopes for the day that the infant prince will assume the throne and the daily aches of being regent will be gone. Large portions of the population are halflings.


The rolling hills and central plains of the Meadowlands lies between the Ravenwood, Shieldlands and Stormguard to the east and Aerindor to the west. The southern reaches of the Meadowlands touch the Eternal Ocean, while the northern border rests alongside the Sea of Storms. Every last part of the Meadowlands has felt the touch of a either man or halfling with fertile fields and small groves of trees among halfling shires and human villages.


Simple roads cover the Meadowlands, most are only the width of a wagon, but between major towns a wider stone pathway is often found. The roads in each shire are typically paved in cobblestones. It is also whispered by those who trade with the Halflings often that older roads once crossed the Meadowlands. Those same whispers say that the Elders of each shire know how to find the last roads.

Government and Politics[edit]

Notable Cities & Towns[edit]


Raven's Rest[edit]

Noteworthy places:

  • Castle Raven's Rest
  • Holy Temple of Rhea
  • Twin Marches Inn & Tavern

Notable persons:

  • Jerham Harrowblade (Meadowlands, Regent)
  • Kethion Ravensong (Infant heir of the Meadowlands)
  • Talor Ravensong (Castellan of Castle Raven's Rest and cousin of the infant heir)
  • Priestess
  • Mother Halifast (Priestess of Rhea)


Notable Places:

  • Silversong String Emporium
  • Twin Oaks Feasthall
  • Temple of the Silver Light (Dedicated to Arbeorn)

Notable guilds:

  • The Silversong Traders
  • The Twin Oaks Merchant Company

Notable persons:

  • Lady Taja Farwanderer, Mayor of Willowspear
  • Galion of Olde, Loremaster
  • Litherion Hornbreak, Councilor and Artisan of the Silversong Traders


Notable persons:

  • Mayor of Shardhome

Notable villages and Shires[edit]


Noteworthy places:

  • The Lodge (the only inn and tavern in Hawthorne)

Notable persons:

  • Elder Heimdall, Mayor Bartender, & Innkeeper of Hawthorne
  • Janissa the Younger, only daughter of Elder Heimdall, Waitress
  • Amerak the Warrior, retired mercenary and adventurer

Important facts:

  • Hawthorne is the closest inhabited settlement to the Ravenwood.

Foreign Relations[edit]


  • Shieldlands
  • Seelie Court of the Feywild

Trade agreements[edit]

  • Aerindor
  • Shieldlands

Non-aggression pact[edit]

  • Aerindor
  • Stormguard

No or limited contact[edit]

  • Madragar
  • Thaele
  • Frozen Wastes
  • Plains of Light & Dros Corinth

At war[edit]

  • Shadar
  • Spiderfell
  • Black Marsh


Available Regional / Background Feats[edit]

Merchant House

  • Add Streetwise and Diplomacy to your class skills list, and you gain +1 bonus to Streetwise and Diplomacy checks.


  • Add Insight and Thievery to your class skills list, and you gain +1 to Insight and Thievery checks.

Born to Wander

  • Add Perception and Thievery to your class skills list, and you gain +1 to Perception and Thievery checks.


Approximately 60,000
Noun: Meadowlander (plural) Meadowlanders
Adjective: Meadowland, Meadowlandic
Racial Groups
Human 74% (xx,000), Halfling 14% (x,x00), Half-Elven 6% (x,x00), Elven 4% (x,x00), Other 2% (x,x00)
Rhea 52%, Fynnia 29%, Travin 8%, Other 1%
Common (Official)

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