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Master of Goblin Cuisine [General, Special][edit]

What your food lacks in flavor it makes up in more tactical uses. Masters of Goblin Cuisine find themselves well-armed if they have eaten in the past five hours. They may not use this if they have eaten less than one hour ago, and they can only use it once per meal they have eaten.
Prerequisite: Throw Anything, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Benefit: You may ready (a move action) and throw an "E-coli Hors D'oevres" (a standard action) as a ranged touch attack. This has a range increment of ten feet. If the attack hits, the opponent is blinded for two rounds.
Normal: A normal character would be disgusted by this concept, and not attempt it.
Special: A monk with this feat treats all "E-coli Hors d'oeveres" as special Monk Weapons.

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