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Master at Arms

Prerequisites: Dexterity or Strength of 13 or higher, Spiderfolk Race
You've become able to better use your arms for both offence and defence. As a result, you're a force to be reckoned with in both close quarters and long range.

  • You can equip a number of daggers using your bonus action equal to your dexterity modifier (maximum of 4, minimum of 1)
  • You gain a Ki point, which regenerates on a short rest. If you already have ki points, You can add them to your current pool.
  • You gain the following 2 Martial Art Features, which are based around your additional limbs:

Fury of Carapace and Steel
Expending a ki point allows you to make 2 additional attacks with your Second Hands on your bonus action. Both of these attacks have disadvantage to hit, however stack with your normal bonus action attacks, and any additional attacks on your bonus action that you already have.

Steel Storm
By expending a Ki point and all your movement for that turn, you lash out with all your weapons. Attacks against you have advantage until the end of your next turn, however you can make 2 dagger attacks on your bonus action (granted you have daggers equip in both you Second Hands), 2 Hand Crossbow attacks as a bonus action (same rule applies), or a combination of the two (1 and 1).

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