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Some psychic skills (notably psychokinetic and psychoportation skills) affect solid objects and creatures. The DC of these skills and the strain suffered by the user is often modified by the mass of the target. When a psychic skill description calls for a mass modifier, find the target’s mass on Table: Mass Modifiers and apply the listed modifier to the DC and the strain caused by the psychic skill. So using a psychic skill to affect a mass between 101 and 1,000 pounds has a +10 modifier to DC and causes an additional 4 points of strain.

Table: Mass Modifiers
Mass DC Modifier Strain
Up to 10 lb. +0 1
Up to 100 lb. +5 2
Up to 1,000 lb. +10 4
Up to 10,000 lb. (5 tons) +15 8
Up to 100,000 lb. (50 tons) +20 16
Up to 1,000,000 lb. (500 tons) +25 32
Up to 10,000,000 lb. (5,000 tons) +30 64

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