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Magnificient Spellcaster [General][edit]

The superior version of Prodigious Spellcaster
Prerequisite: The ability to cast level 4th spell of any school, 21 or more in your difficult class determining ability., Prodigious caster
Benefit: You double the benefit of the prodigious caster feat. So you add twice your core ability to variable effects like the damage of a fireball or the healing of an heal minor wound spell.
Normal: You add your charisma/intelligence/wisdom bonus only once to your spells.
Special: This talent can be taken more than once. Every time after the first you are required to cast spells at least 3 level higher and to have your main ability raised by at least 4 point; So a third time will require the ability to cast 7th level spells and 25 in your core stat, and so on.

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