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Magic Secret [Magical]

Your magic is tied to a secret, making your spells harder to dispel.
Benefit: Because all of your magic is tied to a secret, those not knowing this secret find it harder to unravel your spells. The difficulty of any dispel check against your spells is 15 + your caster level instead of the normal 10 + caster level. However, anyone who knows your magical secret will automatically succeed in any dispel check against your magic.
Special: The effects of your spells are not changed in any way. The feat affects all of your spells from the moment you learn it; you cannot avoid using it.

A magical secret can be most anything, but it must be something that is possible to figure out. A secret name, your birthday, the name of your mentor or patron, the fact that you are of a strange race or parentage, your gender (or lack thereof), the true color of your hair; all are possible spell secrets. A creature can find out that you have this feat with a Spellcraft roll of DC 20 against one of your spells, or by researching your background and making a Knowledge (Local) skill roll against a DC of 20, or with a Bardic Knowledge roll against a DC of 20. This will not tell them what your exact secret is, however (although an additional Bardic Knowledge roll against a DC of 30 will). If a creature thinks that they know your secret they can concentrate upon it whilst attempting to dispel one of your spells; if they guess correctly they will automatically succeed and know this to be the case.

Author: Carl Cramér © Carl Cramér 2001   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
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