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Speed: On Road Top speed 450 ft. (45 mph); acceleration 45 ft. (40.5 ½ mph) per round; Off Road Top speed 300 ft. (30 mph); acceleration 30 ft. (20.5 ½ mph).
Carrying Capacity: 5 tons.

The M1 Abrams is an iconic third-generation American Main Battle Tank (MBT) that was first developed during the Cold War. Weighing a whopping 70 tons, it is one of the largest and heaviest tanks to be fielded in the modern age. For its size, it is exceptionally swift and agile, and its multi-fuel capable engine is surprisingly silent, allowing the tank to be capable of stealth. Offensively, the tank has an edge in terms of range, as it as able to make kills with poinpoint precision well outside the maximum range of other MBT main guns. Its aim is computer-assisted and further aided by advanced targeting optics. Defensively, the tank is heavily armored by hardened composite armor with depleted uranium inserts and additional explosive reactive armor on top of that - it is so durable that direct hits from armor-piercing cannon fire can fail to penetrate it. An M1 Abrams measures 26 feet in length, 12 feet in width, and 8 feet in height. On a full tank of gas, an M1 Abrams has an operational range of 300 miles of travel. Due to its rugged design, an M1 Abram's speed is not reduced by nonmagical difficult terrain. An M1 Abrams' crew and passengers have total cover, and due to its NBC countermeasures, they also have advantage on saving throws against radiation and other harmful airborne contaminents such as gases, vapors, and inhaled poisons. They also have resistance to damage from such effects. Abrams tanks are equipped with a multi-spectral electromagnetic camouflague system that not only provides advantage on Stealth checks made in the appropriate terrain (e.g. desert camouflague helps in a desert), but also renders the tank nigh-invisible to IR and radar. The tank's redundant sensors effectively grant its crew blindsight to a range of 5 miles - it is not at all impaired by darkness, smoke, or heavy precipitation.

Size. Huge
AC. 30
Hit Points. 1000
Damage Threshold 30
Crew and Passengers. 1 driver; 1 commander/machine gunner; 1 dedicated gunner; 1 loader

Armament. M1 Abrams' are primarily armed with a 120mm M256 smoothbore cannon. An M1 Abrams also carries a .50 M2HB heavy machine gun and a pair of 7.62 mm M240 medium machine guns for engaging smaller, less heavily armored targets.

Multiattack: The M1 Abrams makes one attack with it's M256 Cannon, and one attack with one of it's Machine Guns.

120mm M256 Smoothbore Cannon: Ranged Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, range 2 miles, one target. Hit: 110 (20d10) piercing damage. Hit or miss, each creature within 30 feet of the target must make a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw, taking 55 (10d10) bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. A 120mm M256 Smoothbore Cannon has the loading and Armor Piercing (-5) properties, and it deals double damage against objects. An M1 Abrams comes with 42 120mm shells.

.50 M2HB Heavy Machine Gun: +12 to hit, range 400/1,200 ft., one target. Hit: 22 (5d8) piercing damage. The .50 M2HB Heavy Machine Gun has the burst fire and reload (100 shots) properties. An M1 Abrams comes with 900 rounds of .50 ammunition.

7.62 mm M240 Medium Machine Gun: +12 to hit, range 400/1,200 ft., one target. Hit: 17 (5d6) piercing damage. The 7.62 mm M240 Medium Machine Gun has the burst fire and reload (100 shots) properties. An M1 Abrams comes with 10,400 rounds of .7.62 mm ammunition.

Active Protection System (APS) The M1 Abrams is equipped with an APS - essentially, a massive shotgun that shoots projectiles such as missiles and rockets out of the air before they can reach the tank. As a reaction when the Abrams is hit by a high-caliber explosive projectile that the crew is aware of, the crew can attempt to shoot the projectile out of the air. Roll 1d6. On a 1, the Abrams is struck normally. On a 5-6, the damage of the attack is reduced to 0. Once the APS has been fired five times, one of the crew must use an action to reload it before it can be used again.

Smoke Grenade Launcher. The M1 Abrams fires a cluster of smoke grenades at a point within 1,200 feet of it, often centered on the tank. A cloud of smoke spreads to create heavy concealment in a 80-foot radius centered on that point, and it persists for 10 minutes or until dissipated by a strong wind.


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