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Luminous Sigils [Inherent Racial Feat][edit]

The sigils that orbit an illumian’s head glow vigorously, providing illumination.
Prerequisite: Illumian Race only
Benefit: The Illumian may generate light equivalent to torchlight, plus feet twice their level.
Special: At the 7th level and onwards, the Illumian may attempt once per day per five hit dice (rounded down) to daze all creatures within 60ft range.

Creatures are dazed by failing a Will saving throw at DC (10+(1/2 Caster HD)+Charisma modifier) and dazzled upon a success. The daze is an immediate action and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

A creature in the effect area of this feat, regardless of its success, cannot be dazed by the same ability for 24 hours.

The Illumian can make their sigils disappear by thinking for a moment (a free action), but they don’t receive the sigils’ benefits and can’t use any special abilities granted by Illumian words while they're doused. Restoring the sigils to visibility is also a free action.

Luminous sigils (including power sigils) are insubstantial and disappear into any matter they touch. An illumian’s sigils remain present and in effect even when the illumian takes another form, unless they would lose their supernatural abilities as a result of the form change. An illumian wizard who casts a polymorph spell on herself retains her sigils, but an illumian who becomes a zombie loses them.

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