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Racial Feats

Swamp Born [Racial]

Lizardfolk that are borne and raised in the swamps spend most of their time in the water and become expert swimmers.
Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, Con 13
Benefit: You gain a natural swim speed equal to your land speed (30 ft.) and you can hold your breath for twice your Constitution score in rounds.
Normal: Characters can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to their Con score.

Jungle Born [Racial]

Those born in the jungle have to fight to survive and thus are tougher and stronger than other Lizardfolk
Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, Str 13
Benefit: The base damage of your claws and bite is increased to 1d6. You gain a +2 bonus to Hide checks in jungle environments.

Lord of Scales [Racial]

The powerful blood of dragons flows through your veins and grants you the power of the dreaded dragon breath attack
Prerequisite: Lizardfolk, base attack bonus 7, or, Jungle Born, Swamp Born
Benefit: You gain DR 2/magic and a Breath Weapon (Su, 20 ft. cone, 2d8 damage, Corrosive Gas, save DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Con, once every 1d6 rounds).

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