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Liquid Pain[edit]

Price per dose: 5,000,000 GP
Type: Ingested

This is red ungodly abomination is made by the most evil fiends in the 9 rings and periodicity scattered around the material plane in an innocent looking water bottle but beware if this red liquid is consumed there is no going back. No one really knows how it's made, although people speculate and there are tons of rumors. Some may say it's made with water and the blood of a demon others say it's made from herbs. Unfortunately, there is no saving throw, but I bid good luck to whomever is able to get someone to eat/drink this syrup.

When consumed the consumer will suffer a number of symptoms 1-3 occur 1d4 hours after each symptom and 4-7 occur 24 hours after each symptom. Contrary to the description there is a way to cure it, but it is not that of magical use, but rather herbs... you must boil the following and consume the water "Aklanet, Entrist, Naveouh and Macabate" (note: the water MUST be consumed before the 4th stage)

Symptom 1 a mild fever and some swelling in the throat area.

Symptom 2 a fierce, sharp, stabbing pain in the stomach. This will only occur once. It is commonly attributed to the corrosive and acidic liquid burning holes in the stomach and intestines.

Symptom 3 a mild to moderate headache that will last approximately ten hours. The pain is dull, but fiercely annoying.

Symptom 4 the fourth symptom of drinking Liquid Pain will have one's limbs and head leak a small amount of pus. There is no discernible source of this pus, and it never leaks from any other part of the body.

Symptom 5 the fifth symptom of drinking Liquid Pain will be small fractures that occur in the skull, which appear abruptly. The victim does not feel any pain during this process.

Symptom 6 the sixth symptom of drinking Liquid Pain is internal bleeding from the legs. The muscles start to break down create lacerations, along with the bones in the consumer's feet snapping sporadically. This proceeds to causes a great deal of pain yet is never fatal.

Final symptom of consuming Liquid Pain is the explosion of one's stomach and eyeballs. The victim's organs bust open and leak their contents inside of the body. This is not fatal, although those with such a fate may very well wish it would be. The pain is utterly excruciating and has found to have caused seizures. After the conclusion of the seventh symptom, the victim will become paralyzed, unable to move their limbs. However, they will still be conscious and aware of the pain. Afterwards, the bones of each limb detach, preventing the victim from ever using these limbs again.

The Nutrional facts of liquid pain (image taken from the Backrooms Wiki and turned into a PNG using CloudConvert) [i have had to reupload this many times now fingers crossed]
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