Ling Kuo's Magificent Ink Brush (5e Equipment)

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Wand, legendary (requires attunement by a wizard)

This comically oversized brush is the pride and glory of the scholar Ling Kuo, who, unlike almost every famous person in lore, lived fairly recently. It is roughly 3 feet long, and can be used as a nonmagical club or whip if you are of a barbarish disposition.

Finest Ink. Ling Kuo's Magnificent Ink Brush is magically enchanted to be eternally loaded with black ink of the finest quality the world has ever known. It can be used to write spell scrolls, spellbooks, or other magical writings. Thanks to its unique suitability to such a task, the time and cost to create such items is halved.

Ink used to mark creatures, objects, and other surfaces will not wear away with age. It can be scrubbed off with magical cleaning agents such as universal solvent.

Ink of Conjuration. If the brush is used in certain ways, it can feed ink into three-dimensional constructs that can spring to life for periods of time. The brush holds 9 charges for this purpose, 1d6 + 1 of which regenerate daily at dawn. If the brush reaches 0 charges, its bounty of unlimited ink dries up and it can no longer be used to write or draw until it regains charges.

While you are attuned to Ling Kuo's Magnificent Brush, you may use these charges to cast the following spells, at their lowest level:

All creatures and objects conjured by the brush are made entirely of animated black ink, and will invariably crumble into nothingness when the spell's duration ends, or by the next dawn if the creatures would normally last indefinitely.

Creatures created with the brush have no intelligence score and cannot speak or understand any languages. They do not persist between castings.

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