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Lilandor is a Magocratic Federation of city-states in Eastern central Aina. Each city within Lilandor is essentially a sovereign nation, although racial pride keeps them all focused on a unified cause: the advancement of magical study and of Altmer society. Led by Grand High Councillor Alister Starmere, each city elects a lifelong representative to attend a High Council in the Altmer capital of Aether's Gate, wherein each of the eight High Councillors gather to decide policy for the whole of Lilandor.

The land of Lilandor itself is home to scarely more than expansive, rolling grasslands for miles. The Altmer are more or less isolated in their magical cities, leaving the indigenous human and Ra'Virr tribes and gypsy wagon trains to their own devices. Great beasts roam this area, and strangely no relics or ruins remain from the time of the Great Merran Empire. It is theorized that the complete absence of ruins and the relative sparseness of the region is a testament to the full brunt of Utsirte's power during the Cataclysm.

Perhaps the most important locale in Lilandor is the capital, Aether's Gate. It is an ancient Merran city paralleled in it's pristine condition only by Atralon itself. Here was obviously a collection of powerful Merran spellweavers, considering the artifacts left behind. Giant magical crystals slowly orbit the city's towers and spires, a forest of crystal trees in the city's Western quadrant, and the city's namesake, a gargantuan, magical orrery, all stand as testament to the long-lost wonder of the Merran Empire.

Heraldry: Somewhat surprisingly, all Altmer cities identify themselves with one banner, despite the almost sovereign nature of each city. The symbol of Lilandor is a purple field decorated with a circle of seven crystals. The crysal in the north position is twice as large as all the others.

  • Imports: Potion Components, Precious and Nonprecious Metals and Stones, Lumber, Exotic Creatures
  • Exports: Magic Items, Education, Horses, Airships

Classes (Common)

  • Alchemist: All arcane classes are popular in Lilandor. The Alchemist is often found in a laboratory, concocting all manner of brews for his own amusement.
  • Summoner: Summoners can often be found out among the grasslands of Lilandor field-testing their abilities. The Altmer Summoner is very often a challenger, seeking to constantly improve the abilities of Eidolon, searching for that elusive "perfect" creation.
  • Wizard: An Altmer Wizard is an archetypal figure across Aina. These are the classic bookish hermits who hole themselves up in a library for years at a time, delving for deeper and deeper magical secrets. An epic level Altmer Wizard gives reason to wonder how the Merrans could possibly have been any more powerful.
  • Rogue: Those few Altmer that choose to pursue studies other than magic often find that they lack the sturdiness for straight combat. For these Altmer, rogue can be a popular choice. The Altmer rogue can be anyone from a savvy diplomat to a near-pathological locksmith, but all examples are deeply interested in the theory behind their actions, not simply their application.

Classes (Uncommon)

  • Fighter: Very few Altmer become fighters, although they often employ other races as bodyguards and private militia. Those few Altmer that do become fighters have a hard road ahead of them, and many don't survive unless they bring the full brunt of their wits to bear in the task.
  • Cleric: Altmer revere Moiar above most other deities, but he has no stake in the goings-on of Asylon. Beyond him, Altmer might worship Asha or Krinios; chaotic Altmer might revere Asipta, Prince of Dawn, Dusk, and Magic, or Simtu Pasiru, Prince of Knowledge. Altmer clerics are invariably authorities on religious knowledge, investing many points in Knowledge (Religion).

Classes (Rare)

  • Cavalier: When Altmer can't afford a spell slot to teleport somewhere they have been known to ride across the grasses on Plainstriders, but this is commonly considered vulgar. Similarly, Altmer are often disinclined to engage in armed combat.
  • Druid: Most Altmer prefer the life of comfort that magic can provide. They like cushioned dens, self-cultivating gardens, and the breezy vistas offered by their airships. The life of a druid is ruddy and digusting to almost all Altmer. The most common druid found in Lilandor belongs to an indigenous tribe.
  • Inquisitor: Since Altmer care so little for religion, the inquisitor is an understandably rare occurrence in Lilandor. Very rarely an Altmer will think they've discovered some sordid divine secret in their studies and take up the mantle of inquisitor, but only very rarely.
  • Oracle: Oracles are rare all across Aina, and Lilandor is no exception. Most deities will choose a race with a little more devotion than an Altmer, but it has been known to happen before. These Altmer are the most likely to suspend their sanity, delving further into erudite knowledge than any other mortal.
  • Paladin: Altmer Paladins are laughably pathetic. Some have been known to rise to prominence in years past, but it is perhaps the riskiest of choices.
  • Ranger: Most Rangers in Lilandor are members of nomadic tribes or just individuals that were attracted to the golden plains and decided to settle alone. Altmer rangers are practically unheard of, but can sometimes make for very informative scouts.
  • Sorceror: Sorcerors are reviled above all other classes in Lilandor. The Altmer consider sorcery to be less than worthless, a violation and perversion of the careful study and contemplation that ought to bring magic to fruition. If an Altmer chooses to become a sorceror or discovers that they have some natural connection to magic, they look forward to either hiding their abilities as much as possible, or facing exile from their homeland.
  • Witch: Witches are on par with sorcerors in the mindset of the Altmer. Why anyone would want to pursue such a lifestyle is completely foreign to the Altmer, and very, very few would ever walk that path.

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