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The Nine Divines, also known as the Nine Aenen, are the deities created by the primordial force of Anu, and are inherently the more "lawful" and "good-natured" deities of Asylon. The Eight Divines put forth their power to create Asylon, imposing law and order amongst the raw, unobstructed power of Aether. The Ninth Divine, Valde Doxim, joined their ranks after his mortal death. Though not all of them are worshipped everywhere, they are nevertheless widely known, and someone would have to come from a secluded, primitive background to not be familiar with them.


(Symbol: The Infinity Hourglass)

Asha, the Aenen of order, is Lawful Neutral. He is known as the Highest, the King of the Nine, and the Master of Time. Asha is the first being created by the interplay of the forces Anu and Padomay, and is the embodiment of order and law. The domains he is associated with are Knowledge, Magic, Sun, and Law. The quarterstaff is his favorite weapon.

  • Ashum: Known as The Adamantine City, Ashum is an impossibly large astrolabe floating thousands of feet above the Plains of Order in Axius. The infinitely complex mechanisms of the astrolabe make up the buildings in this magnificent city. From this place, one can look out to any other place on any of the planes.


(symbol: A blackened Ankh)

Sarga-Tol, Aenen of the balance of life and death, is True Neutral. He is known as the Unifyer, the Giver, the Taker, and the Wise. Sarga-Tol is the son of Asha and Utsirte, and is responsible for natural death and the inexorable change of seasons. The domains he is associated with are Air, Death, Healing, and Sun. His favored weapon is the two-bladed sword.

  • The Gateway: Sarga-Tol's patron city is a giant portal on the edge of Axius where all souls pass on their way to the Aether. It is here that the souls of mortals and gods alike wait for their return to the Material Plane, and are able to watch all of their past actions played out before they depart.


(symbol: Harp)

Aseyri is the Aenen love and beauty, and is Neutral Good. She is called the Lover, the Artist, and sometimes the Carnal Lady. She is the daughter of Utsirte, and has domain over the practice of compassion, rather than its spirit. She has a wide variety of temples, some devoted to women, others to art, music and aesthetics, and still others devoted to erotic instruction. The domains she is associated with are Good, Healing, and Luck. The short bow is her favorite weapon.

  • The Wellspring: This city is a huge interweaving of hanging gardens and beautiful architecture on the plane of Elysium. Music, poetry, and theatre can always been heard or seen on its streets, and sweet smells waft everywhere, from exquisite balconies to shadowy, romantic alcoves.


(symbol: a gavel wrapped in a scroll)

Krinios, Aenen of logic and wisdom, is Lawful Neutral. He is called the Philosopher, the Judge, and the Divine Historian. Krinios is the master of intellectual pursuits, and the keeper of law. The domains he is associated with are Knowledge, Law, and Magic. His favored weapon is the Warhammer.

  • Lex Ordo: A gigantic, perfectly laid-out university in Axius filled with more scholars and knowledge than could ever be discovered on the Material Plane. Mortals that come here get a +20 circumstance bonus on any knowledge check simply by virtue of their presence.


(Symbol: lightning bolts)

Daraith, the Aenen of weather and travel, is Neutral. She is a chief deity among the Geats, where her title is the Queen of Storms. Daraith controls the winds and waves, and can conjure weather both fair and ill for any traveler. The domains she is associated with are Air, Luck, Travel, and Weather. Her favored weapon is the spear.

  • Avenoi: The city of Daraith is a great harbor situated on a narrow slice of land on the edge of Elysium. On one side is the beginning of a great ocean, and the other is a bottomless cliff looking out onto the Astral Plane. It is a perfect berth for the most dedicated explorers.


(Symbol: a great, green tree growing from a blue orb)

Utsirte, Aenen of nature and compassion, is Neutral Good. She is known as the Mother, and the Nurturer, and her physical form makes up the planet Irte. Utsirte is the chief deity amongst the Bosmer, and is considered the lifeblood of nature itself, and the very essence of love and compassion. Her associated domains are Animal, Earth, Fire, Healing, Plant, Sun, and Water. Her favored weapon is the long bow.

  • Utsirte has no city dedicated to her. As the body of Irte, her worshippers choose instead to take an active role on the Material Plane.


(Symbol: a serpent coiled around a ruler's scepter)

En-Salus, the Aenen of mercy, is Lawful Good. En-Salus is known as the Healer, the Upright, and the Steadfast. He is a god concerned with moral and physical excellence, but also humility, and is the inspiration of magistrates and nobility, and is the patron of the Atralonian Legion. The Church of En-Salus demands service to the disadvantaged, courage, and peace, albeit sometimes as the result of war. The domains associated with En-Salus are Good, Healing, Protection, and Law. His favored weapon is a mace.

  • Utulna: The city of En-Salus is a place in Elysium where all wounds are healed. It looks like the ruins of a military compound, long-overgrown with pleasant flora and inhabited by kindly spirits and gentle fauna of all kinds. It is impossible to be harmed in this realm.


(Symbol: A stack of timbers crossed by a bundle of wheat)

Adagri, Aenen of commerce, is lawful neutral. He is known as the Diplomat and the Divine Laborer. Adagri is the god of wealth, labor, and communication, and is an inspiration for commonfolk as a symbol of the results of hard work. The domains he is associated with are Law and Fire. His favored weapon is the sickle.

  • Lanx: This kingdom in Axius is the perfection of free trade. At every level of production, every member of society is absolutely productive, prosperous, and content with their station in life.


(Symbol: a silver shield bearing a golden triangle)

Valde Doxim, the god-king of mankind, is Lawful Good. He is the Protector, the Courageous, and the Invincible. Valde is revered by both civilized races of men, though the Geats name him Framir Prottigr. He is renowned for forging the empire of Atralonia, as the patriarch of the Doxim line, and as the exemplar of the virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Moderation, and Justice. The domains associated with Valde are Protection, Strength, War, and Law. His favored weapon is the longsword.

  • Warrior's Rest: Valde's city is a mighty castle on the Elysian frontier. The souls of Irte's greatest warriors come to rest here for a time before moving on to the Aether.


Also known as the Children of Sheor, the Draenic Princes are twelve deities created by the primordial force Padomay, and are thus inherently chaotic. Sheor, who is their father and is known as the Deceiver, tricked the Aenen into using up their power in the creation of Asylon as a bid for dominance amongst the pantheons. The Aenen realized their folly just in time, and combined their might to kill Sheor once and for all. His children live on, and run the gamut between good and evil. However, it must be said that all of them act for their own divine purposes, and most are practically impossible to really categorize as "good" or "evil."


These three Draenic Princes are considered the most benevolent and involved in the lives of their followers. Each is responsible for an indispensable part of the Dunmer lifestyle, and each are recognized by all Dunmer.


(Symbol: A Black Rose)

Asipta, Draenic Prince of magic, is Chaotic Good. She is known as the Twilight Lady, and the Queen of the Black Rose. Asipta is the patron prince of the Dunmer, and is the only Prince who could be considered morally "good." Her spheres of control are in magic, dawn and dusk, and she is actively concerned with the fate of her followers and the Dunmer race, unlike many other Princes. Her domains are Healing, Magic, Weather, and Chaos. Asipta's favorite weapon is the scimitar.

  • Twilight Garden: A palace and surrounding gardens in Elysium always caught in an impossibly beautiful twilight. Mortals that come here are partially blinded by the beauty of the frozen moment, and can only see clearly within 30 feet.


(Symbol: A Spider)

Ikanu, the Draenic Prince of assassination and secrets, is Lawful Evil. He is known as the Weaver, the Spider, and the Night Seeker. Ikanu has dominion over secrets, justice, and assassination, and is the patron Prince of the honorable Kabatu Nertu, Ersatis' officially sanctioned assassin's guild. Unlike some Princes, Ikanu has no specific gender, and will appear both as male and female to his followers. The domains associated with Ikanu are Death and Trickery. His favorite weapon is the dagger.

  • Sableport: Beyond the reach of mortals, Sableport is said to be an intricate, shining web spread over tangible darkness somewhere in the Abyss. Ikanu weaves plots of all kinds from this realm.


(Symbol: A gauntlet raised in a fist)

Duru, Draenic Prince of civilization and combat, is Neutral. He is known as the Warlord, the Smith, and Schemer. Duru is often the Prince of choice for good-aligned, warlike Dunmer, but is also known to have control in the areas of artifice and intrigue. The domains associated with Duru are Destruction, Protection, and War. Duru's favorite weapon is a Bastard Sword.

  • The Tournament Grounds: A sprawling kingdom of labyrinthe gardens, with a great coliseum at the heart of Duru's city.


These Princes are only considered to be related in that all of them are either mischievous or uncaring. Some of these Princes care almost nothing about the creatures of Asylon, and some delight in disrupting the lives of those around them, but all of them take pleasure in achieving their own ends without regard to those under them.


(Symbol: Two hands clasping, but bound together by a red silk cord)

Qabu, the Draenic Prince of Promises, is Chaotic Neutral. He is called the Binder, and is known for dealing in the business of wishes, ritual, and oath. Qabu has a place of esteem amongst the honor-bound Ra'Virr, but is regarded with wariness amongst most other peoples, for an oath sworn in Qabu's name is permanently binding, and a deal made with Qabu is rarely what one expects. The domains associated with Qabu are Luck and Magic. Qabu's favorite weapon is the Whip.

  • Altarin: The realm of Qabu, located within Bedlam, is an otherwise tranquil countryside inhabited by horrible monsters.

Simtu Pasiru[edit]

(Symbol: An ancient, open book)

Simtu Pasiru, Draenic Prince of Memory, is True Neutral. He is known as the Chronicler, and He Who Knows. Simtu Pasiru holds dominion over the realm of knowledge both obscure and unknowable, and has a perfect memory. Alone amongst all of his companions, Simtu Pasiru can see clearly the threads of fate from the past and into the future. His domains are Knowledge and Luck. Simtu Pasiru's favored weapon is the Quarterstaff.

  • Apocrypha: A library in the middle of a vast desert in Bedlam, each of the books in Apocrypha have blank, black covers, are written in a forgotten language, and contain all the forbidden knowledge of the universe. Spirits wander these halls, ravenous to discover the secrets of the past and future.


(Symbol: A Horn)

Avlamak, the Draenic Prince of the Hunt, is Chaotic Neutral. He is known as the Huntsman, the Gamemaster, and is the patron of were-creatures. Avlamak holds a contest known as the Great Game once every 100 years, where a group of mortals are chosen, and are pitted against each other in a hunt to the death. He is also often prayed to for safe travel on behalf of hunters and questgoers alike. His domains are Animal, Chaos, Earth, and Travel. Avlamak's favorite weapon is the Spear.

  • The Hunting Grounds: A land of unconquered wilds in Bedlam filled with larger than usual monsters and puzzling corridors.


(Symbol: A black veil)

The Draenic Prince of Darkness, Erepu is Chaotic Neutral. Erepu is known as the Queen of Thieves, Dicebane, and the Unseen. She is known for tilting the odds towards and away from her followers as she sees fit, and is the patron of thieves the world over. Her domains are Chaos, Luck, and Trickery. Erepu's favorite weapon is the rapier.

  • Pitch: A land of complete darkness in Bedlam with Erepu's city, Sanctum Silentium, at the center.


(Symbol: A laughing carnival mask)

Eristu, the Draenic Prince of hedonism, is Chaotic Neutral. He is known as the Fool, and the Great Fop. His is the realm of debauchery, and the darker side of passion. His domain is Chaos, and his favored weapon is the dagger.

  • Sanguine: A sun-washed metropolis in central Bedlam filled with nothing but taverns, pleasure houses, and drug dens. Prone to violent thunderstorms.


These Draenic Princes are notorious for meddling in the affairs of the people and things of the Arena, or at the least causing nothing better than hardship and suffering. Each have their own foul agendas, but some are like unto embodiments of chaotic forces, while others are simply the harbingers of strife.


(Symbol: A greatsword standing in front of a black mountain)

Kaol, Draenic Prince of struggle, is True Neutral. He is known as the Uncaring, and the Cold Lord. Kaol breathes strength into all creatures, and is digusted with anything calling upon him for aid, effectively denying his gift. There are none who worship Kaol, though some might respect him, for to worship Kaol is to invite misery and hardship into your life. Kaol's domains are War and Strength. Kaol's favorite weapon is the Greatsword.

  • Kom-Katu: An infinite mountain in the north of Bedlam, whose bleak slopes and valleys are home to vicious monsters. It is impossible to die in this realm, though you never recover from injuries naturally.


(Symbol: A chunk of wood carved into a crude thunderstorm, painted red)

Tesuku, Draenic Prince of upheaval, is Chaotic Evil. Tesuku is known as the Upsetter, the Son of Sheor, and the Destroyer. Tesuku is perhaps the purest creation of Padomay, and is the embodiment of change. Plans gone awry are said to be the work of Tesuku, as are natural disasters and destruction on almost any scale. His domains are Chaos, Death, Destruction, Fire, and War. Tesuku's favorite weapon is the Greataxe.

  • Sheorin: Volcanic islands adrift in a sea of lava in the heart of the Abyss, Sheorin is the ultimate land of tumult. Full of danger.


(Symbol: A set of black, spiked manacles)

Nex, Draenic Prince of loss, is Neutral Evil. He is known as the Slavemaster, and the King of Rape. Nex is the god of slavery, death, cruelty, and vampires. The domains associated with Nex are Chaos, Evil, Trickery, and Death. Nex's favored weapon is the scythe.

  • The Defile: This realm of the Abyss is a twisted copy of Irte, where the only buildings and settlements are charnel houses, slave pens, and unspeakable brothels. Mortals caught in this realm are sent to one of these places for eternity.


(Symbol: A ruby holding the image of a cackling face)

Germordl, the Draenic Prince of madness, is Chaotic Neutral. He is called the Madman, and Unknowable. Germordl is thought to test the creatures of the Arena for mental weakness, and has dominion over the realm of mental chaos. Germordl's domains are Chaos and Trickery. His favorite weapon is the mace.

  • Delirium: An island in the middle of a small sea in Bedlam, Delirium is a place where rules fluctuate seemingly at random. As a DM, choose to apply any traits you wish as often as you wish, such as double gravity, no gravity, incredible heat, extreme cold, etc.

The Absent Ones[edit]

Two of the deities worshipped in Asylon are unique in that neither play an active role in the lives of Aina's people. These are worshipped because of their deeds during The Unfolding, and for their contribution to the world as it exists today.


(Symbol: The Sun)

Moiar, god of the Sun, is Neutral. Moiar is called the Architect, the Brilliant, and the Watchful. As an Absent One, Moiar does not recognize followers, and thus makes no demands, but he is revered by the Altmer as the progenitor of magic. Clerics may not choose Moiar as a primary deity (as he grants no domain powers), but they may worship him in addition to another deity with no penalty.


(Symbol: None)

Sheor, the father of deceit, is Chaotic. Sheor is known as the Deceiver and the Father of Chaos. There is a small but very devoted cult of Sheor's followers who seek a means to revitalize the power of Sheor's heart, which feel into the earth and--accoring to legend--is the cause of Durgu Giru, the great volcano of Ersatis. Sheor's followers (like Moiar's followers) gain no benefit from worship, but they hope that by bringing life back into his heart, Sheor will be born again and destroy all of creation.

Other Deities[edit]

Some deities in the Ainan pantheon don't fall into any of these above categories. Whether they are lesser Aenen or mortals that ascended into godhood, for one reason or another they lack the stature of the Eight and the Princes.


(Symbol: The five chromatic dragon heads arrayed in a circle)

Gallu, the queen of chromatic dragons, is Lawful Evil. She is known as the Usurper Queen. Gallu clawed her way to the top of the dragon hierarchy, and rules over all chromatic dragons with an iron-scaled fist. All chromatic dragons obey her word in equal parts reverence and fear. Her favored weapon is a heavy pick. The domains with which she is associated are Destruction, Dragon, Evil, and Law.

  • The Bleak Cliffs: The home of Gallu, this realm is an impossibly tall range of sea-cliffs in the Abyss, from which the evil dragon queen incessantly organizes every element of her domain.


Pathfinder RPG opens the possibility for many new domains. Several of these domains fit the flavor of these deities much better than what was offered in 3.5. Here is a list of domain changes.

The Nine Divines[edit]

  • Asha - LN - Knowledge, Law, Magic, Sun
  • Utsirte - NG - Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water
  • Sarga-Tol - N - Law, Healing, Repose
  • En-Salus - LG - Community, Good, Healing, Protection
  • Daraith - CN - Luck, Travel, Weather
  • Krinios - LN - Knowledge, Law, Magic
  • Aseyri - CG - Charm, Good, Luck
  • Adagri - LN - Artifice, Community, Plant
  • Valde - LG - Glory, Nobility, Protection, War

The Draenic Princes[edit]

The Tribune[edit]

  • Asipta - CG - Chaos, Healing, Magic, Water
  • Duru - N - Earth, Glory, Nobility, War
  • Ikanu - LE - Darkness, Death, Fire

The Gray Ones[edit]

  • Qabu - N - Luck, Magic, Trickery
  • Simtu Pasiru - N - Knowledge, Rune
  • Avlamak - CN - Animal, Chaos, Travel
  • Erepu - CN - Chaos, Darkness, Liberation
  • Eristu - CN - Charm, Luck, Water

The House of Woe[edit]

  • Kaol - N - Destruction, Strength, War
  • Tesuku - CE - Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, War
  • Nex - NE - Death, Evil, Trickery
  • Germordl - CN - Chaos, Madness, Trickery

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