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Lesser Dragons, Arctic[edit]

Arctic Lesser Dragons are a sub-species of Lesser Dragons which are commonly found in Arctic environments. Arctic Lesser Dragons, or Arctic Taasmiran as they are actually called are not technically Dragons, like there more common variant, but have still being put under the dragon type. because there not technically dragons, they do not get any of the features and any dragon traits which they do get is already listed below in the 'racial traits' section. Arctic Lesser Dragons are Omnivores and cannot breath an element, which is why the dragon type isn't actually listed in the racial traits. Like the more common variant of Lesser Dragons. Technically Arctic Lesser Dragons should be called Arctic Taasmiran, due to the fact that 'Taasmiran' is the actual name of the species, Lesser Dragon just caught on quicker.


Arctic Lesser Dragons are generally known to be hunted by Local Tribes both as a sport and sometimes as a ceremony, most of these have being human tribes. Due to this, Arctic Lesser Dragons have become quite reclusive and tend to stay away from large communities. Other than that, an Arctic Lesser Dragons personality depends on that dragons characteristics, and although the general trend is that they are quite co-operative and refined, rarely some are adventurous and tend to leave there community in order to seek something more.

Physical Description[edit]

generally a Arctic Lesser Dragon is a small portion shorten than a regular Lesser Dragon, on average growing to 6'6" inches in length.of this and around 2'6" in height. generally the weigh around 235lb. An Arctic Lesser Dragons scales are often ever a White or Light Grey. An Arctic Lesser Dragons eyes can be a shade of grey, light blue, light green or yellow, with Grey being the most common out of the four. Sometimes an Arctic Lesser Dragon is born with markings on his body (e.g. curling lines of a slightly darker shade). through it is slightly more common for a Arctic Lesser Dragon to be born without them. All Arctic Lesser Dragons have a head, a tail and a body with two back legs and two front arms which can also act as legs. Lesser Dragons have scales which can come in the following. there tail is roughly around 3'0" long, although it is proportionate to there length.


Generally, Arctic Lesser Dragons get on well with other types of Lesser Dragons and generally do not trust or like any tribal races based in the arctic, they are neutral towards elves and halflings but are known not to trust humans due to a past of hunting. Any other race they tend not to initially react with unless they seem friendly enough.


An Arctic Lesser Dragon can be of any alignment, although they tend to be true neutral, with neutral good being the second favoured option.


the Arctic Lesser Dragons are accustomed to living in Arctic environments such as Tundras, Snowy Mountains and Arctic forests. They tend to keep to there own groups which will consist of up to 2-6 Arctic Lesser Dragons, or a community, which tends to house around 5-50 Arctic Lesser Dragons, the lone Lesser dragon is rare but certainly not something that is unseen, rarely an Arctic Lesser Dragon will join a community of another race, generally of Arctic Elves or Arctic Lizardfolk.


Arctic Lesser dragons tend to worship a Deity which represents the sky and peace, though there are of course both Arctic Lesser Dragons which worship deities of other things or which do not believe in a Deity


Arctic Lesser Dragons learn both Common and Taasmiric from a young age, smarter Arctic Lesser Dragons then go on to learn Draconic and other languages. Arctic Lesser Dragons are taught Taasmiric as both a tradition and a way to talk to one another without an 'outsider' understanding, and they learn Common in order to communicate to other races. Taasmiric is the Draconic equivalent of Welsh Gaelic.


Arctic Lesser Dragons are often named after things ever beautiful and gentle, often with soft syllables and follow-throughs. E.g. Female - Night, Diamond, star, sky. Male :- Willo, Aerozth, Moon, Light. ( names are simply basic nouns ).

Racial Traits[edit]

  • stats: -2 strength, +4 dexterity, -2 constitution, +2 wisdom, +2 charisma. Arctic Lesser Dragons are very agile and swift, but there agility comes of being weaker than most races they have learnt to adapt and use there wisdom to find both animals and arctic fruits, and there white scales are have a sense of pureness and beauty to them, meaning outsider will be more lenient towards there reasoning.
  • medium size: you gain no additions or subtractions for your size.
  • speed: Arctic Lesser Dragons base land speed is 35ft feet: air based speed is 60 feet.
  • vision: Arctic Lesser Dragons have darkvision of 60 ft and low-light vision.
  • Flight: Arctic Lesser Dragons have the ability to fly.
  • Flight reflex(ex): Arctic Lesser Dragons gain a +2 to reflex while flying.
  • Flight maneuverability: Arctic dragons have average maneuverability while flying ( good at lvl 5, perfect at lvl 10 ).
  • sleep immunity(ex): Arctic Lesser Dragons gain immunity to sleep and paralysis effects.
  • arctic camouflage: Arctic Lesser Dragons gain a +4 to hide checks while in a snowy environment.
  • smooth scales and spine: Arctic Lesser Dragons gain a +2 to swim checks.
  • Bladed Tail: Arctic Lesser Dragons have a long tail with a blade like spike at the tip for defense and balance. +2 to balance
  • Natural Weapons: Primary natural weapon is a bite (1d6). Secondary natural weapons are 2 claws (1d4), 1 bladed tail (1d6), and short horns (1d4).
  • Horn Strike(sp): On a successful bull rush, a lesser dragon automatically deals its gore damage.
  • hold breath: A Lesser Dragon has the ability to hold its breath for 2D4 round before suffocating.
  • ice resistance: due to being raised in a harsh snowy environment, you have gained +5 to ice resistance.
  • Flawed Wielding: Take a -4 penalty to attack with two-handed weapons and -4 per an attack while using Two-Weapon Fighting with additional to the normal penalties (if apply).
  • Fire intolerant: due to being raised in the Arctic, you suffer considerably to fire effects. -5 to fire resistance.
  • Highly Visible: when outside a snowy environment, your light colored scales stand out alot. -4 to hide.
  • Quadruped: Armour must be specially made to fit a lesser dragon, at x2 cost.
  • Fear of Humans(sp): Lesser Dragons are shaken if they are within 30 ft. of a human. This is because of two reasons, first is the fact that humans sometimes hunt Lesser Dragons mistaking them for Dragons, second is that most of the tribes which hunt them mainly consist of humans.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Arctic Lesser Dragon Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
21 years +2D6 +3D6 +5D6
Table: Arctic Lesser Dragon Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
150 years 250 years 350 years +10D20 years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Arctic Lesser Dragon Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Length Length Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5"6' inches + 2D10 225 lb. + 6D8 lb.
Female 5"6' inches + 2D10 225 lb. + 6D8 lb.

note: most Arctic Lesser Dragons stand 2'8" tall, to calculate do this equation (2'8" + (D8 -0'4"))

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