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Laudanum is a powerful tincture created by many Alchemists and Herbalists alike as a means of calming the nerves, reducing pain, and otherwise putting the body's humours back in line. A creature can consume one dose of laudanum as an action to remove the frightened condition, ignore the symptoms of a disease, or ignore the effects of an injury for up to an hour. If a character takes more than one dose of laudanum between long rests they must immediately make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or gain one level of exhaustion. This DC increases by 5 for every additional dose to a maximum of 25, any additional doses after this point the character automatically gains a level of exhaustion. Laudanum can be created for 7 gp over the course of a week of downtime using a herbalism kit or alchemist's tools.

Cost: 15 gp
Weight: 1 pint

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