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Languages of the Vortari Lowlands[edit]

Common (Vortari)[edit]

The Language of the humans of the Vortari Lowlands. The people of Mayne, Illyria, Sindar, and Arafel speak it; and most people of the 1st Dynasty can speak it.

High Elven[edit]

The language of the elves of Maneth'rin'drelle who waited out the Age of Wonders and the Fall.

Low Elven[edit]

The language of the elves of Lothuein, and the elves who were left behind.

Enlightened Speech[edit]

The new language of the 1st Dynasty. Enlightened Speech is the new standard for people born in the Dynasty, and is the legal language of trade and commerce.

"Forsaken" (Draconic)[edit]

Known as "Forsaken" because of magic's association with the fall, it's effectively Draconic. No one on Mantáer has seen a Dragon yet though, so the language is known as Forsaken Speech.

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