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The world of Sanlibutan is filled with many different tongues, but most of the notable ones or the ones used the most are listed below. During Character Creation, the Karanduun gains the language from their region, as stated below.

Elder Diwatan | Suyat - The language and writing system in Maka, among the Heavenly Diwata, and Mangkukulam/Salamangkero. Said to be the first written language, and is the basis for every written language in the world.

Diwatan | Sulat - The language and writing system of the engkanto, specifically those that live and trade with Biringan. Sulat comes from Suyat, and is the closest to it in the script sense.

Liwayan | Alibata - The language and writing system of the Makkalan Lakandom that lasts until present day. Liwayan has an extensive vocabulary and is usually quick and concise when dealings of war and trade, but they have a completely different vocabulary when speaking poetry, which is filled with complex metaphors that only natives to the island can truly understand.

Tabunian | Kidlat - Language and writing system in Tabun, both among the engkanto and the mortalfolk there.

Kapuni | Sulat - Language of the T'Kapians, written with the Sulat because of the Ija Yawa Empire of the dalaketnon subsuming and conquering most of the island of T'Kapi under their rule.

Al-Kaigian | Fulmusian Alphabet - Language of Al-Kaigian, written in Modern Fulmusian Alphabet, which is known as that because it was developed by the original Fulmus. Much of the words here are actually from Diwatan and the native Kivhran Tongues, although many Liwayan words still make their way into the vernacular. The Fulmusian Alphabet was adopted from a mix of mostly the Kivhran Alphabet and Sulat.

Qirong-gi | Qi'dan - The language and writing system of the Qirong Naga, adapted directly from the the Suyat writing system, and has been perverted and vexed and turned into the Naga's own. Presumably it is taught to the Naga by the Serpent Goddess Bakonawa.

Giro'dan | Qi'tsi - Language of the Giroans, with a script adopted from the Qirong Naga. The script is an abugida script, and is made up of Kiton (Abugida writing, used for common words) and Niton (Characters that represent concepts or people or placed etc. Proper nouns.)

Zuhayran | Fulmusian Alphabet - Language of the Zuhayrans, a mix of mostly Liwayan, Al-Kaigian, and Giro'dan, all written with the Kaigian Alphabet. Closest thing to 'Common' in the setting, but mostly because of the population in Zuhayras. Extensive language for trade and lots of borrowed words. Code switching between Zuhayran and other languages (usually the second language that a person speaks, such as their native tongue) is common as well, mostly because the syntax and word structure of Zuhayran allows for it.

Kivhran Tongues | Kivhran Alphabet - The native Tongues of the river and ice tribes of the Kivhran Peninsula and region. Those closer to the Galadarian Mountains speak Vanni, a rough and concise language that is written with Vanni runes, while those near the rivers of the Peninsula speak Avhran, a more poetic language with many different words for the same concept, written in the Kivhran Alphabet.

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