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Gunter's Chain & Surveyor's Compass

This Surveyor's kit allows the individual to perform the task of marking corners and land plots, plotting coordinates for measuring property lines or even mapping out a kingdom with precision for land owners, barons and royalty. The kit consists of a Gunter's Chain which consists of 100 links measuring out to 66ft. Also contained in the kit is a Surveyor's Compass which contains a lodestone placed on a flat, brass ring and two sights known as an index. Notches are marked on the brass ring which show the direction of north and other various coordinates. Lastly, the kit contains a Theodolite which is a scope that shows vertical and horizontal measurements for distance and plotting.

Land Surveyors who have proven their worth and reputation are well paid and renowned for perfection. In many cases when there are land disputes, the final word falls on the Surveyor's work as the judge.

Cost: 350 gp
Weight: 35 pounds

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