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I need to have these requisition forms for new drillheads down to Regenia in accounting by 5
—Knett-Knu, Kennet & Ko. Manager
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Campaign Setting

The great lands of Ghikva are where politicians hone their skills in treachery and deceit.
—Sir TwoTone Trollbane, Tips for Travelers

The Great Ghikvan Empire
Uron Delpear the Third
Ghikva (city)
Predominant Race
Black Dragons
Predominant Language
Predominant Religion
Dragon Gods

The Great Ghikvan Empire, more commonly referred to as Ghikva Proper and recognized officially by the state as Senatus populusque Ghikvanus (SPQG), is the largest state and namesake of the Allied Lands. Its lands offer major climate differences depending on one's location within the state. Originally a republic that lasted since at least 6170 DY, internal political conflict eventually led to the centralization of power under a single Emperor. The current Emperor is Uron Delpear the Third, which as his namesake implies is the third of his line.


As stated above, Ghikva Proper is led by a Emperor. Directly below the Emperor is the Senate, which with current power centralization is mostly just a figurehead shell of its former self. It is filled with leaders of major Houses and very wealthy merchants who mingle appropriately with the upper crust of society. The government is essentially broken into three major branches: The Central Government (Emperor and the Senate), the Military, and the Provincial Government.


The Ghikvan Military is paid by and under the direct control of the Emperor. Soldiers are career, serving a minimum of 20 years followed by 5 in reserve. The military provides the basic expansion needs of the Empire, as well as policing and correspondence.

The Provincial Government is made up of appointed Governors from the lands afar - whether in the Empire itself or the Allied Lands, and they tend to be the tax collectors and regional liaisons for the government.

Major Settlements & Regions

Ghikva City

The Allied Capital and Kingdom's Capital is the Royal Palace and City of Ghikva (Ghikva) and the largest metropolitian area in the Allied Lands. Ghikvan youth venture or dream of venturing to the city for its famed nightlife, while adventurers far and wide come for the great economic possibilities and oppurtunity the city provides.

Freel Mountains

The Frell Mountain Range on the western border is one of the largest uncharted areas of the land, and adventurers have journeyed there annually, though fewer seem to come back lately. Rumors of grand ruins and other beings flourish amongst gossipers.

Avendoln Peninsula

The eastern Avendoln Peninsula provides some of the nice, warm, beach like lands only dreamed about in Blüdfrost. Port Denason is the major eastern city, and leads the peninsula in market shipments.

National Politics

Ghikva City houses the Allied Parliament but also houses the much more prestigious Imperial Senate, where leaders from all member states meet to pass laws and legislation to better govern the country. As such, the city is home to many part-time resident politicians and is a wordsmith's dream battleground.

A peaceful rebellion of sorts exist along the Avendoln Peninsula. Feeling as though they bring in as much economic prosperity as Ghikva City while only receiving the benefits of a small village, Port Denason has a political secession movement in progress to make it a full blown Allied Land and the 12th State of Ghikva.

Culture of Ghikva

National Celebrities

The King of The Kingdom of Ghikva, as well as the King of the Allied Lands of Ghikva, is the Great Uron Delpear the Third, called by his people Uron the Black. He is the third of his dynasty, and like his fathers, a black dragon. His son Drubai leads a secretive society in the Frell Mountain Range and is bent on overthrowing his father. Drubai, along with friend and heir to the throne of Malsvir Prince Thraun, have a warlike idealogy and a new vision for the future of Valgora. However, the common Ghikvan only knows that Drubai is not seen much these days.

National Sport

Enslaved Gladiators fight in Arenas across the Empire to their death for the amusement of Freedmen. The sport is widely popular and successful Gladiators can become national celebrities and very valuable to their owners.

The Ghikvan Giants are the state's most widely known team, and represent them in the Ghikvan National Football League. The league is headquartered at the team's stadium, Straffield, and is actively seeking new owners to bring in new leagues and money into the doomed organization.

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