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Ki Infusion

Prerequisites: Ki class feature
you can harness your ki to heal, and store it inside of food, drinks. and meals. to provide a minor healing.

  • Spending 2 ki, you can infuse a gallon worth of fluids, 5 lbs worth of food. to provide xd4 healing. (x=wisdom modifier).
  • Additionally if you spend 3 ki you can maximize the healing received.
  • Ki infused meals like rations. Maintain the ki within them for 30 days. if not consumed by then, the ki fades. if someone is already at full health and consumes your ki infused items, they can gain temp hit points equal to your monk level+wisdom modifier. and they cannot gain temp hp from this feature again until a short or long rest. Effects last for the day, and do not stack with other ki infusion effects.

For dms

Ki Infusion may give an additional bonus depending on the condition or consumable. for example if a tea is server cold, it may grant resistance to cold damage. if an item is prepared using arcane magic. it may give you advantage against spell saves. please ask your dm if an additional trait can be gained.

Effect List

Cold resistance for the day

Fire resistance for the day

Advantage against Arcane spells for the day.

temporary immunity to poison

5 ki for a lesser restoration effect.

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