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Goddess of Compassion and Honor

Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Good, Healing, Law, Knowledge
Favored Weapon Spirit Blade
Symbol Jade dragon lined with brass, and golden eyes.
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
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Kaza is A goddess who has been long dead, and only recently revived, after a fire bender named Braum and a party of adventurers cleansed her cathedral. Later that night Braum left his party and slept in the chapel. After conversing with the spirit of an Acolyte, Braum decided to worship Kaza as his god, restoring her back to life. She named him champion, he now travels spreading the word of Kaza until she regains her power enough to grant him a single wish.


Pursue and respect knowledge, help those in need and stay true in your beliefs.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There is a single chapel of Kaza in the city of Kazanohara a city restored after being turned into ruins after 100,000 years.


Pantheon of Alafair, a broken pantheon, of which has only recently been restored.

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