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Goddess of sea burials, caves, legends and children

Alignment neutral
Domains magic, knowledge, death water
Subdomains ocean, psychopomp, education, arcane
Favored Weapon spear
Symbol a sea cave with a wave cresting towards it
Sacred Animal albatross
Sacred Colors grey and blue
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A sea island deity who focuses on death and the growth of new life, she's mainly common in island communities often those living isolated from civilization

The Church[edit]

The church is often decentralized with defference to the most experienced local priest and mainly confined to one local island

Temples and Shrine[edit]

Various sea cave based temples where dead are buried are the main churches with small shrines to local deceased heroes often quite common

A Priest's Role[edit]

A typical clergy member's prepared spells and morning prayers begin at dawn as well as reciting the names of those that died the day before and their accomplishments. Burials often begin at dusk with the education of children happening between dawn and dusk


Various witches often make pacts with Kanaloa with sorcerers of the aquatic, verdant, serpentine, arcane and fey bloodlines being the main adventurers of the faith


The church wear blue and grey robes with a stone necklace of the priest's holy symbol are meant for formal occassions like burials and morning prayer

Holy Text[edit]

The church's holy text is the legends of the past, a series of tales about Kanaloa's divine servants when they were mortals


Remembrance day: held october 10th at dusk, it chronicles the past deaths of the year and the new births of the current year and it's accomplishments


The sea gives life and thus may take it away at any moment (used to teach life can end at any moment)

Life is about balance, for one cannot solely give or take in life (used to teach one must give and take to live life fully)

Relations with Other Religions[edit]

Kanaloa's faithful often get along with followers of pharasma and erastil, seeing them as kindered spirits. Her faithful despise followers of Urgathoa, Gorum and Zon-kuthon, seeing their plundering of life as upsetting the world. The worshippers of erastil do get along with the faithful, letting them handle burials in their communities if a pharasma worshipper isn't present


Kanaloa's realm is the final cave, a sea cave in the elemental plane of earth bordering on the plane of water. Her various worshippers live there in caves dedicated to their own accomplishments in life

Planar Allies[edit]

Kanaloa's herald is Molor, a human sea witch with several divine relics and abilities. Her other servants include drown, a water elemental with a negative energy touch and Orlock, a human ghost diviner with a perfect record of history.

For Kanaloa Characters[edit]

run, skill focus: swim, alert feat

brilliant energy weapon, aquatic weapon

Variant Spellcasting[edit]

clerics may prepare acid arrow as a 1st level spell, and undeath to death as a 5th level spell

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