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In the world of Kador, forsaken by all but one of its gods, Thray, after an event called The Falling, most spellcasters are arcane spellcasters. Totemic barbarians, druids and rangers draw their powers directly from nature. Clerics and paladins are exceedingly rare, but when people with those skills are discovered, they are snatched up by followers of Thray. Kador is also very weakly linked to the other planes, which weakens most extraplanar creatures.


There is only one god, Thray, though in the absence of the others, he has been split into multiple variations, called Aspects. There are six major Aspects, constantly vying for control of Thray. There are also several groups that have dedicated themselves to returning the other gods, by any means necessary. There are also hundreds of lesser Aspects, each one covering some minor task. Clerics of some nonhuman deities, such as Bahamut and Tiamat occasionally arise, though they are exceedingly rare and are often persecuted by followers of the Aspects who call them heretics, especially in the land of Thrayan.

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The event that caused The Falling was a war that consumed all of Kador. There were the Slayers, who wished to destroy the gods and take their places as all-powerful immortal beings, and the Loyalists, who would stop at nothing to prevent this. The war continued for more than a hundred years, until the Great Flame, when the sun burned bright, and flame washed over the land, charring both sides, and the world. Those that survived fled underground, but many were taken by Underdark horrors, until the Great Flame finally ended almost 148 years later, the survivors returned to the surface, finding a dead world with none of its gods, save for one, Thray.
Chaos ensued, and many great wars were fought over the few resources that remained.

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For DMs[edit]

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