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General Landscape[edit]

Much of Kador has been turned to desert by the Great Flame. Ancient forests were burned to ashes, and rivers and lakes dried up. The few swathes of forest the survived have been mostly occupied by elves and fey creatures, while dwarves have mostly secluded themselves to their ancient tunnels. Few grasslands survive, and most are created by magic. Most settlements are magically protected from the intense heat and billowing sands of the desert (it is assumed that any settlement the characters visit is protected in this way), while the bandits lurk in caves and around oases, attacking and stealing from travellers. The major continent is called Arrkah, though stories tell of far-flung continents that survived the Great Flame unscathed.
The major factions typically tolerate each other, having settled most of their differences long ago. A Wild Tribesman in Tarrak might receive condescending looks, or, if he were particularly foul-mannered and crude, derision, but he would be more or less welcomed.

Cities and Countries[edit]


In the heart of Arrkah lies the "Jewel of the Sands", Tarrak, home of the ancient Kingdom of Tarrak, ruled by its usually fair and wise Dune Kings. Most of the people of Tarrak are human, but some elves and dwarves can be found in their lands.

Wild Lands[edit]

Scattered throughout Arrkah are the Wild Lands, home of the Wild Tribe. Many half-orcs live in the Wild Lands, though the Wild Tribe is incredibly multicultural, accepting any who will abide by their ancient codes of survival and strength.


In an ancient forest along the west coast of Arrkah that survived the Great Flame almost entirely unscathed, lies the city of Robinar, nestled amid the tributaries of the Robicon River.


In an ancient mountain in the south of Arrkah lies the heart of the Ascendant Theocracy of Thrayan, often simply called Thrayan.

Dragon Empire[edit]

The Dragon Empire is situated in the easternmost point of the continent of Arrkah, and is largely made up of and surrounded by mountains and craggy hills. Most of the population of the Dragon Empire is human, but some dragonborn and dwarves live among the humans.

Enlightened Lands[edit]

There are relatively few Enlightened Lands, as the monks of the Enlightened Hand are ascetics who think little of property, but the monks protect the villages around their monasteries zealously.

Bandit Territories[edit]

Bandits congregate in places that others avoid, where they vie for favour with their King, and pillage the lands around them.

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