Initiating a Psychic Grapple (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Initiating a Psychic Grapple[edit]

To start a psychic grapple, you must be in mental contact with the target. Attempting to start a psychic grapple is a standard action.

Attacks of Opportunity: You provoke attacks of opportunity from any opponents that threaten the area you are in when you start a psychic grapple, since you are focused on the mental plane rather than physically defending yourself. You can attempt to start a psychic grapple on the defensive, just like using a psychic skill on the defensive. This requires a Concentration check (DC 15). If the check succeeds, you can attempt to initiate the psychic grapple. If it fails, your attempt to initiate the psychic grapple fails as well. In either case, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity when attempting to start a psychic grapple on the defensive.

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