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Wondrous item, Artifact (requires attunement)

A powerful artifact, created to harness the very power of the universe. Few have been fortunate enough to wear it, and even fewer have been powerful enough to collect all of the gems that power it. Often the gauntlet is worn by villains who seek out the power of these stones so they may reek havoc across the universe.

The Infinity Stones: By having this gauntlet upon one's arm, they may seek down and use the power of the infinity stones, ancient gems guarded by only the fiercest of the universe's forces. From the mightiest heroes to the very gods, all who protect the universe guard these stones. It is certainly no easy task to collect them, but the reward is certainly great, as those who control all six infinity stones are granted a cosmic wish with no limitations. But the stones do have powers of their own and can be used individually. In order to use one of the stones in the gauntlet, the wearer must be able to close the hand the gauntlet is on and their desired stone and power will activate. However, as a side note, the gauntlet and stones will not work outside of their own reality, such as another universe.

The Power Stone: As you may have guessed, by having this stone in the gauntlet the wearer's power increases greatly. The wearer's strength score increases to 20 if it was not already and they gain advantage on strength rolls. In addition, the wearer's punches do 2d10 + the wearer's strength modifier of bludgeoning damage and the wearer can shoot purple beams from your gauntlet, dealing 2d8 of radiant damage.

The Space Stone: By having the space stone in the gauntlet the wearer may bend space to their will. Using the stone allows the user to create a portal from one part of the universe to another. This portal's range is unlimited and can be used by anyone, not just the wearer of the gauntlet.

The Reality Stone: By having the reality stone in the gauntlet the wearer may change the very aspects of reality. Using the stone allows the user to change any object or living being into a different form or item for 30 seconds. Unless the item or being was destroyed whilst in its other form, it shall return to its normal form at the end of the 30 seconds. The wearer may also create fake visions of reality, such as an entire room looking different, clones of one's self, or even an entire town looking different than it actually is. Using this power however, requires the wearer to continuously keep their hand closed in order to maintain the illusion.

The Soul Stone: By having the soul stone in the gauntlet the wearer may manipulate the very soul. Using the stone allows the user to control other beings or creatures that have a soul. In addition, the stone contains a pocket dimension called the Soul World.

The Time Stone: By having the time stone in the gauntlet the wearer may control the flow of time itself. Using the stone allows the user to reverse time by up to 1 hour. The stone can manipulate time even in other dimension that are supposedly beyond time.

The Mind Stone: By having the mind stone in the gauntlet the wearer can operate the aspects of the mind. Using the stone allows the user to read the thoughts of those the wearer can see and use telekinesis on objects and entities the wearer can see.

The Power of the Universe: As mentioned before, collecting all six stones allows the user a cosmic wish. There are no real limitations on this wish, however the power created can destroy the gauntlet, leave the stones drained of quite a lot of power, or damage if not possibly kill the user.

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