Improved Puppy Dog Eyes (3.5e Feat)

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Improved Puppy Dog Eyes [General, Racial][edit]

You are getting even better at getting what you want through begging
Prerequisite: Canin,Canin or other Dog-like Humanoid/Monstrous Humanoid, Bluff or Diplomacy 8 Ranks, Charisma 18, Puppy Dog Eyes
Benefit: Whenever you are having difficulty (have already failed a Bluff or Diplomacy check) getting something you want from someone (information, a specific item, free food, etc), you widen your eyes slightly and give your target a sad, dejected look with an occasional whine. Then, you roll a Bluff or Diplomacy check with a +8 Bonus and -4 to the DC. If you succeed, they improve one step on the NPC Attitude table and must roll a Will Save (DC 10+half your character level+your Cha Modifier) or immediately give you what you want.
Normal: You have already failed to sway their opinion

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