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Impact Spell [Magical]

You can increase the maximum damage of heightened spells.


Arcane spellcaster, Heighten Spell


If you prepare a damage causing arcane spell with a higher than normal level using the Heighten Spell metamagic feat, the maximum number of damage dice may be increased. If the spell causes damage to one creature, or must be split amongst multiple creatures (e.g. shocking grasp), the revised maximum dice allowed is given in the second column (Single). If the spell causes damage to any creatures that fall within its area of effect (e.g. fireball), refer to the third column (Multiple) for the revised maximum dice allowed. This feat does not affect spells similar to magic missile, as in this case it is the number of missiles that has a level-based maximum, rather than the damage per missile.

New Level Max # of Damage Dice
for a Single Creature Affected
Max # of Damage Dice
for Multiple Creatures Affected
1st 5 5
2nd 10 5
3rd 10 10
4th 15 10
5th 15 15
6th 20 15
7th 20 20
8th 25 20
9th 25 25

The Netbook of Feats team is split as to whether this feat should also be available to divine spellcasters and spells.


Looking at the spell lists, few divine spells are flashy, damage causing spells. In addition, these spells are generally alignment related. For this reason, this feat did not seem appropriate or have the right flavor for divine spellcasters. If deities could grant more damage against infidels with a particular spell, they already would. This is the reason for their omission. GMs may, of course, opt to allow this feat for clerics or all divine spellcasters.

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