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The Plane of Ideological Conflict[edit]

This plane is intended to be used as part of the Fortress Celestia Campaign Setting.

Once this plane was the heart of the alignment planes. Today it is but a shadow of its former self. The war between the fiendish armies of the Barrens of Evil and Fortress Celestia's defenders have been fighting here for a long time, and the plane got the worst of it. The fiends have caused whole regions to break off and join with the Barrens of Evil, while the celestials have stolen pieces to make the Isles of Battle more treacherous.

The terrain of the plane is extremely varied, but tends to be rugged and scarred. Crops are unusually difficult to grow here because of the unpredictable weather, questionable soil, plagues of weeds and insects, and worst of all, marauding armies that have ravaged the plane, so that most food must be imported. Mountain ranges divide the plane into a number of regions. The mountains are treacherous, making crossing by armies and spies very risky at best. Fortifications dot the plane, most of them long since overrun and ruined.

The devils control the plurality of the remaining lands; the celestials here are primarily serving as a delaying force preventing the fiends from sending a full invasion force into directly.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]


normal, except for small regions where altered.


normal, except for small regions where altered.


Seemingly infinite, but said to be among the smallest major planes. At least super continent - sized, anyway.


Marginally Morphic: Any significant alteration requires the use of vast quantities of labor and technology, or powerful magic. The plane is closely watched by powerful military forces, and it is difficult for anyone to do anything of world shattering potential without drawing massive retaliation.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

Elemental Dominance[edit]

none, except for small regions where altered.

Energy Dominance[edit]

none, except for small regions where altered.

Alignment Trait[edit]

none, except for small regions where altered. Magic Trait none, except for small regions where altered.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Works normally except as per the conditions listed above. Most of the people here believe they must fight to survive, and don't easily trust strangers.

Features of the Plane[edit]

Plane Links[edit]

The Great Rivers[edit]

Two rivers wider than most seas dominate the plane. They are parallel to each other and flow in opposite directions. The rivers are many weeks of hard travel apart and very different in water conditions. Both are cold to the touch and can cause hypothermia, memory loss, and other heath problems for swimmers. The only way to safely navigate on these bodies of water is by boat with a specially trained navigator.

The Brown River[edit]

Sailing on the brown river will bring you to the Barrens of Evil or the Broken Machine. The Brown River has no visibility to speak of, smelly with filth and disease.

The Silver River[edit]

Sailing on the silver sea will take one to the Isles of Battle in Fortress Celestia. The Silver River is clear and pure but can be harmful to undead and non - good outsiders. Fiendish forces maintain several ports along the silver sea which are constantly subject to sabotage and assault by the celestials.


Portals lead to the Transit Plane and the Celestial Courts.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Every type of creature traditionally associated open battle and the conflict between good and evil might be found here, especially celestials, fiends, humanoids, and dragons, along with more peaceful creatures serving in support roles or fleeing across the plane.

Plane Encounters[edit]

Cannon fodder[edit]

a disorganized force of poorly armed, low - CR slaves, such as lemures, dretches, zombies, goblins, orcs, etc., is being herded to an assembly point by a small group of sergeants and their assistants. The slaves do not understand they are being led to their deaths, and have no training in discipline. The sergeants are annoyed at their charges lack of ability.


a small group of celestial, fiendish, or humanoid soldiers, such as leonals, barbezu, hamatula, vrocks, paladins, etc., along with a commander and assistants, travelling to or from the front lines. They are well - trained, but have limited experience.


several unlikely refugees, such as unicorns, goblin children, etc. are poking about, searching for anything edible. Because of the war, they are lost, homeless, weak, and have become desperate with hunger.

Recent Battlefield[edit]

bodies of mostly low-CR outsiders and humanoids litter the scene. Injured creatures crawl or hide amungst the dead while other survivors search the dead to strip them of anything from weapons to souls. The victors have left behind only a token force to control the area without burying their dead, as the bulk of the surviving force is needed elsewhere.

Magical battlefield[edit]

epic - level magical beings attempted to influence the conflict here, leaving behind remnants of epic - level magics that altered the environment in bizarre ways. It is entirely possible that gravity, time, magic, or technology may work differently here. There may be energy, environment, or alignment effects as well.


a ruined fortification stands here, a tribute to a bold attempt to halt a fiendish army. All that remains is a ruin - and probably some traps or squatters.

Pacifist Commune[edit]

The diverse population of this town shares one thing in common - their hatred of the conflict around them. They have cast aside whatever loyalty or sympathy they feel for either side in their disgust for war. They have established a tiny community in a remote and relatively inaccessible area with a surprisingly benign climate, grow their own crops, steal supplies, and share what they have. This mostly neutral - aligned, highly idealistic community is sadly mistaken about their chances of survival here. They do not have the ability to sustain their crop - growing project indefinitely, nor can their minimal defensive measures hold off more than a token force of untrained cannon fodder troops. Already, spies from both sides investigating the thefts have learned of their existence.

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