Hydrosion Grenade (5e Equipment)

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Hydrosion Grenade

Simple Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Hydrosion Grenade 30 gp 2d4 Water and 1d4 Piercing 4 lb. Thrown (20/60)

A Hydrosion Grenade is a glass vial filled with pressurized water almost to the point of bursting. Opening it causes the stop to shoot and the water to spout out of the bottle. You can extinguish Small Fires (max. 10 ft. across) with one grenade. Refilling it requires a successful Wisdom check (DC 17), and if you fail, the flask has a 50% chance of exploding due to overpressurization, dealing its damage to you. You don't have a disadvantage if you try to hit someone within 5 ft. of you.

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