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Similar to dwarves, humans are almost everywhere. After their diaspora they have expanded and conquered most of the world.

Humans have the shortest lifespan of the three great races and pride themselves in how much they achieve in their limited years. They are the most populous people in the world, and perhaps the most varied (dwarves may also claim the title) in culture.

Five colors of eyes define much of the prejudice among humans. In Sekkez most people have blue eyes and Derosi green, Kivari have the darkest eyes, being difficult even at close inspection to differentiate them from their pupils while the peoples from Jamaroos have golden eyes. Brown eyes are the neutral color present in both Sekkez and Derosi, people have to look for other signs of ethinicity for these people.

Human Lands[edit]

Human and Dwarven lands coincide. Kivar is the single land where humans are virtually the only race.

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