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Dwarves were the inventors of sailing and metallurgy and have made their ancient home in a huge mountain range. The first great war created a great diaspora, with only a few remaining in their ancestral land. In this diaspora they were accompanied by humans, and together they created most of the civilized lands. There is no single dwarf culture or language, they are one people with their human brothers and sisters everywhere, except in Kivar.

With the destruction of their ancient clan structures, the Dwarves had to find other loyalties to fill their hearts, and while most still value family, different cultures found different values. In Derosi, the Serralese Dwarves are loyal to their patron saint considering fellow followers as family, for the Enathese their neighborhood and city (which translates often to a competition team) hold a similar position while for the Astrians it is their profession. In Sekkez, they are loyal to their teachers and their colleagues, being the main responsibles for the cultural respect Sekezi extend to teachers. In Keligtal a shadow of the clan structure remains with clanless and outsider dwarves being easily adopted. The Jamaroosi dwarves value their circle, normally composed by their families, their partners and whoever is luck enough to have the dwarf sworn by them.

Dwarven Lands It is easier to say where Dwarves are not than where they are. They are despised in Kivar, so virtually no Dwarf lives there. In Elmeyr and Masseouli they are considered second class, making up less than 1% of the population. Anywhere else around the central sea there are Dwarves ranging from 5 to 35% of the population. Keligtal is the only place with Dwarven majority, over 60% of the population is made up of Mountain Dwarves.

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