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Warborn are a human race of humanity bred for one thing: combat. Their entire mindset, worldview, and ideology is based around war, death, and slaughter.


Warborn are direct and to the point. They see everything in terms of combat, hence, a trip to the market with one may become a tactical war maneuver. They are also generally ruthless and seemingly cruel.

Physical Description[edit]

Warborn all stand around six ft in height and weigh around 250 lb. They have ruddy skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. Warborns fists are covered with bone, as are their knees, skulls, and torsos. This gives them natural protection and attacks. They look like big, muscular, deadly humans. Most male warborn shave their heads.


Warborn are completely neutral about almost every race. They respect dwarves, trolls, chasers, and cyclops for their combat skills.


Most warborn are neutral, with the soldiers leaning towards law and the mercenaries leaning towards chaos.


Warborn are found in the vast army camps of Albion proper. They were created for war by the Albionians, and the majority still dwell there. However, some are found elsewhere, often hiring themselves out as mercenaries.


Warborn have only one god: Aeron, the god of perfect warfare and death. Warborn clerics (which are few), can choose from the War, Destruction, and Strength domains.


Warborn speak Albionian.

Racial Traits[edit]

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