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Throughout the countryside, small towns and hamlets exist. This is the independent wilderness. They are almost exclusively Human and suspicious of strangers. They tend to have wooden walls for protection and closed gates at night. They tend to be self-sufficient without inns but will have bars in general stores.

The independent towns and hamlets are diverse in society toward other races. Fashion in the wilderness is more practical toward warmth and dryness. Although the basic common language is common, the wilderness and the independent towns have a distinctive accent that is only recognizable as a wilderness accent with a Perception DC 10 (with Perception DC 20, know what large area the accent is from, such as a far northern accent, a southeast accent, a plains accent, etc.).

The most famous of the independent towns and hamlets are Aet-tons which is actually eight towns of the mountain gap region known as Maiden Way. It is an important region at the beginning and end of Emperor Shaelong's invasion.

In the tundra regions of the north, seven large barbarian tribes live. Although they cannot truly be considered independent towns or hamlets, they are independent groups. The five land tribes are the white bear tribe, the brown bear tribe, the wolf pack tribe, the caribou tribe, and the yeti tribe. The two seafaring tribes are the wind tribe (west coast) and the storm tribe (east coast). Each tribe is distinct and they do not cooperate with each other.

Innumerable Independent townships


Dragon Isles aka Trinity Islands

Five Copper Mine Towns

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