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You are friendly beyond words. Instead of attacking, you hug your opponents, who might be warmed by your spirit.

You can use you action to "Hug". This uses a grapple check with advantage. The creature hugged has to succeed on a will saving throw or gain one of the following effects:

Charmed: You are charmed by the person hugging you.

Startled: You are startled by the sudden intimacy by someone you didn't expect. you have disadvantage on all attacks and saving throws.

Confused: This is not something you expected to happen and you don't know what do do. All attacks are made at advantage against you and you lose one turn.

The DM chooses based on the situation.

The creature being hugged has to succeed a will saving throw then a grapple saving throw in the same round to break free. If they don't break free, more effects may be gained over time.

If the creature doesn't break free for 2d6 rounds, it must succeed on a will saving throw or become bonded to the hugger, refusing to attack their hugger unless it (It being the creature hugged) is either attacked or is chaotic evil. If the creature succeeds, it must make a will save each round until it breaks free.

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