Hrragh (2.5e Disease)

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Hrragh, or Linor, is a common Goblin-Kind disease. Though unwary adventurers may contract it though incautious treatment of slain Goblin-Kind

Symptoms are gradual, but if not cured, can have serious effects. It is a Bacterial infection, Spread by poor hygiene or skin to skin contact with infected Individuals. Affecting mainly the skin, it can spread to muscles too. First symptoms are raised itchy patches on the skin, this causes the skin to become more prone to injury. If left untreated, the skin changes color, from green to yellow, from yellow to violet. The final stages of infection, it causes the skin to crack, with large patches falling of the body. This is a very dangerous disease, so those who play Goblin-Kind need to pay particular attention to it. This disease can be cured by a Orcish shaman or by a potion of Disease Heal. Prevention comes by observance of personal hygiene.

In game terms (all effects are cumulative):

  0-2 days from initial contact(fic): No noticeable symptoms, but all saves are at -1 (Goblin-Kind at -2).
  3-7 days (fic)  : -1 penalty to Initiative.
  8-14 days (fic) : Increases damage received by +1d4, Movement is half base.
 15-21 days (fic) : -3 to reaction rolls, Movement is quarter base. 
   21+ days (fic) : Movement reduced to 1. Saving Throw vs. Death Magic or suffer a 4d6 damage (save for half)any damage received this way cannot be healed though magical means. If the patient still survives, the next day has a save at -1, the next at -2 etc.

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