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Wondrous item, uncommon

You can don or doff this pair of magical footwear as an action. While worn, these boots cause your feet to float just above ground on a thin layer of force. The result is similar to always walking on ice; it's more difficult to start or stop than normal, but the layer of force protects you from some hazards. Wearing these boots incurs the following specific effects:

  • On your turn, unless you only move in a straight line, your speed is reduced by 10 feet.
  • You have disadvantage on any ability check or saving throw made to avoid being moved from your position, or knocked prone.
  • The distance of your long jump improves by 10 feet, but only if you have a running start.
  • You may move normally across any ground acting as difficult terrain, and your walking does not activate pressure-sensitive traps.

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