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In Teoryran there are 13 Powers, the greatest Hells and thausands of lesser hells called Virtues. The Throne worlds are the gates to the hell on earths of living demons and the spiritual demons. The deepest of the hells are home to the old ones, ancient gods with unknowable purposes. Little is know of them except that they can and do enter the worlds from time to time. Only one of the old ones is known, the Thundergod called Trashing Stinger who is the lord of Hell. Here the souls of the dead goes after death and are tormented for eternity. Good or evil, doesn't matter all goes to hell because it's a sin to be dead.

The heavens of Teoryran are for gods only. For this reason mummification is the prime burial rite of Teoryran. There are also spells that protect your soul through reincarnation.

However the Gods of Teoryran despise poor hygiene and may make an exception if you keep exceptional good hygiene during your death which is nearly impossible.

The hells are organised much like worlds with solid geographies. Hell have cities and wildlife of its own kind. Doomed souls are occasionally allowed to roam free in some hells for short periods.

The Hell of Night Diamonds

The world of beautiful horror and greed. It is cold and cruel with deceptive glamour.

Hell of Disgust In Disguise

Here souls are tormented for being good with endless disgust and self-loathing. Forced to feel endless guilt for their own torture and to be eternally weak and helpless.

Black Hell of Comedy

Here souls go for being happy in life, or just sanguine. Tormented by grim demon clowns with the sickest jokes possible according to a very black humor.

Hell of Ironic Injustice

A hell for souls with a sense of morality!

Hell of Deep Water

A drowning hell for tranquilent and conformist souls.

Hell of Poision

Hell for having been slowly corrupted or having lied or even being lied to.

Hell of Brooding Kings

Here rulers and great men are tormented with having every wish and ability corrupt and twisted. Doomed to go mad because of their free will and doomed to go mad because of their power!

The Defiled Hell of Gentle Touch

The infernal version of the elemental plane of acid. Here souls are tormented for their ambivalence, particularly melancholy For being innocent yet fooled to evil without knowing better. In the image of their souls they are doomed to burn eternally in acid.

Hell of Smoked Corpses

The infernal version of the elemental plane of smoke. Souls are tormented in horrid gases. Usually souls punished for their lack of realism or high ideals.

Iron Hell of Short Chains

Lethargic souls or crafty souls are tormented here with paradises of the tools they used in life.

Endless Hell of Despair

Souls are punished for just being in hell! Actually the home of Demons who steal souls from other hells!

Hell of Ice

Souls are tormented with frozen into a huge lake for being cold or temperate hearted or just fragile. Particularly lethargic souls are tossed here for no reason.

The Fiery Hell of Inferno

Here anyone with strong emotions are tormented for their weakness. Forces to go through explosive depression while the gods play with their emotions.

The Hallow Hell of The Chalice

Here goes the souls of anyone who sacrificed themselves for a good cause.

The of Auspicious Hell of Gates.

The hell for kidnapping living souls and for creating small hells in the living world!

The Black Hell of Stars

The home of aerial demons.

The Cursed Hell of Due

The hell of bad luck and curses. Random evil without rhythm nor reason. Its considered the capital City of all Hell.

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