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When a dose of this powder is sprinkled over the wounds of a creature, the wound begins to heal (2d4+con mod) as if the creature had the ability to regenerate like that of a troll (no effect on undead or constructs). To create this powder you need profieceny in Alchemist's Supplies, and 50gp worth of supplies or materials, the process will take 1 day to properly make a batch (each batch being 10 doses/uses). Alternatively if a player wants to gather the ingredients themselves to save on money they will require the following ingredients. 1 pint of holy water, 10 goodberries, 1/4 lbs of troll fat, 1lb of onion stalks, 1/8lb of ask, and 1/4lb of sugar.

Cost: 100 gp
Weight: 1 lb

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