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Prerequisites: Undead type
You can harmlessly detach your head as an object interaction, which can make for a fun trick at parties. Your head is not your main seat of consciousness, so it doesn't really bother you if it's seperated from your body. You can see and speak with your detached head provided it is within 60 feet of you; beyond that range, it becomes inert until you reattach it. Without a functioning head, you are unable to speak, and your body has blindsight to a range of 60 feet, but is blind beyond that radius.

You can reattach your head, or attach something close enough to a head (e.g. a jack o' lantern, a bucket with a smiley face drawn on it, or a stack of pancakes) to your neck as another object interaction, and it will function fine, allowing you to speak, see normally, etc. even if it obviously shouldn't be possible. The DM can waive the prerequisite if you are playing an especially silly or odd campaign.

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