Hammership (Spelljammer Supplement)

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Built By: Humans, Lizard Men

Used Primarily By: Humans, Lizard Men, some elves

Cost: 60,000 gp

Hit Points: 500

Damage Threshold:15


Max ability modifier:+2


Landing—Water: Yes

Armor Class:14

Standard Armament:

  • 2 heavy catapults
  • 1 heavy ballista
  • 1 blunt ram

Cargo(tons):150 tons

Keel Length:250'

Beam Length:25'


The Hammership is the workhorse of space-faring humans. Its lines are modeled after a hammerhead shark, with tail-and-fin rigging. It is well armed and armored, and capable of ramming attacks. It can be found all throughout space fulfilling different roles by both navies and independent captains.

Ship Uses[edit]

Hammership.gif |Source}}

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