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Grimoire User [General][edit]

As an academic, you are compelled to make use of a gimoire to keep track of your spells instead of depending on pure intuition.
Prerequisite: At least one level in an arcane spell caster class that has a limited number of spells known.
Benefit: The character may scribe spells in a spell book as a wizard does. A spell scribed in a spellbook this way may not be immediately cast, but a spell scribed in the book may, with one hour per spell level (1/2 hour for level 0) of studying the book, become a known spell in place of one of the same level. Only one spell may be memorized per day with this method, and a spell may only be memorized if the spell level+10 is less than or equal to the character's intelligence score.
Normal: Spells may only be exchanged for new ones on level up.

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