Grid Shield (5e Equipment)

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Grid Shield[edit]

Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
1,000 gp +2 AC Disadvantage 10 lb lb.

This shield was created by a great Arch-Engineer, He deployed this shield so he could set up a "Temporary Base" It serves as 3/4 cover but you have to spend your action to deploy it and extend the sides. It is deployed similar to the knight's shield from "Tower Of Druaga. (This is nothing like Tower Of Druga its just a reference to explain how similar they are.) You plant it in the ground like a metal spike. the shield itself has 40 Hit points so when it is hit and destroyed. You would need to repair it for it to be operational once again. Additionally it does not require any costs if you have spare scraps, but it would cost 45 gp for the materials to remake the shield

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