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The Grappling Hookshot is a modified light crossbow with a hand crank attached with 100' of mithral rope. The bolt has been modified to grapple/hook onto certain targets, generally targets soft enough for a bolt to pierce or a ledge strong enough to hook on to. This piece of equipment is uncommon but can be crafted by any skilled blacksmith i the components are all possessed, if they are not it will take a master elven smith.

The Grappling hookshot has range of 40'/100'. Damage is 1d6+1+(mods) piercing, however anything 41'+ is not only at disadvantage but also only does 1d4+1+(mods). If a creature lighter than the wielder is hit a STR check is required to see if the target can be pulled up to 20' closer.

Cost: 140gp
Weight: 10lbs

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