Grappled Spellcaster (5e Feat)

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Grappled Spellcaster

Prerequisites: Spellcasting ability, level 12+, Wisdom or Intelligence 14 or higher

Your experience in Melee combat and hours of practice has endowed you with the ability to cast spells with concentration in situations where you cannot peform verbal or somatic elements.

+1 to your Constitution score.

This feat allows you to cast one spell per round without using somatic or verbal commands while grappled or shifted into any beast shape. If you had the material components on your person before being grappled or wild-shaping, and you readied the spell no more than an hour before being grappled or shifted, you have them when casting the spell (a Maximum of 2 spells that require material components can be readied this way; if no material component is required, the caster need not ready the spell).

This feat also capitalizes on your melee training by allowing you to maintain concentration by giving you advantage on all concentration savings throws while grappled or wild-shaped, even when taking damage that leaves you with at least one HP.

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