Grappled Ascension (5e Feat)

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Grappled Ascension

Prerequisites: Strength 16 or Higher
You make your grappled opponents regret letting you grab them, By taking them for an Arial trip of regrets and pain, Threw the strength of your legs and the grip of your fists You gain the following Abilities:

  • When you have an enemy Grappled you can choose to launch yourself and them into the air while still Grappled (Up to 4x your maximum vertical jump height). This ability costs no actions to use, Allowing you to attack, throw, or continue to grapple an opponent mid air, But an opponent must fail on a 2nd grapple check against the grappler with disadvantage, Success negates the effects of this ability, but does not release the original grapple. You gain a number of charges per day equal to your proficiency bonus, before needing a long rest before regaining the charges of this ability.
  • You gain immunity to fall damage.

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