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The Pantheon of Errelm[edit]

Errelm is a land of many gods, though all are of a single pantheon. Most clerics devote at least some portion of their time worshiping every god in the pantheon, save the Demonic Horrors. The gods all serve some purpose in the great expanse of Errelm, and all are worshiped by at least some cult or organized religion; temples are often elaborate and are centered around great statues of deities. It is not uncommon for entire cities to be formed around an ancient temple site: the population of such cities will almost unanimously hold the deity worshiped at that temple higher than the rest.

Benignant Gods[edit]

  • Veris, Goddess of the Sun, the Day, Truth, and Creation
  • Agero, God of Crops, Fields, Farmers, and the Harvest
  • Larbo, Goddess of Forests, Wildlife, Trees, and the Hunt
  • Ferris, Goddess of Metalworkers and Smiths, Furnaces, and Flames
  • Merimis, Goddess of Love and Fertility
  • Medilus, God of Healers and Doctors

Malignant Gods[edit]

  • Bellicos, Goddess of War and Conquest
  • Meretris, Goddess of Gluttony, Wealth, and Lust
  • Falo, God of Lies, Thieves, and Trickery
  • Moranis, Goddess of the Undead and the Night

Unaligned Gods[edit]

  • Agnos, God of Law, Knowledge, Magic
  • Tranos, God of Language and Commerce
  • Fluos, God of the Ocean and Rivers
  • Abeo, Goddess of Death

The Demonic Horrors[edit]

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