Glove of the Arch-Magi (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunement by a spellcaster and must be used an a focus)

A black silk glove with a elliptical white crystal in the middle and a gold pearl set inside the crystal making it look like an eye. Rumor has it that it was gifted to a powerful wizard from Mystra herself. It seems to always fit any hand you put it on, the gem shifting so it is always on the back of your hand. The crystal glows softly with a soft golden light and the wielder's eyes glow pure gold when magic is being channeled through it.

Guiding Force: You have a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls.

Blood Shards: Whenever you kill a creature with a CR of 1 or higher, the glove absorbs some of the life essence of that creature and creates a tiny blood red crystal shard that orbits your wrist, up to a maximum of four. As a bonus action you can consume up to two shards to regain 2d4 hit points per shard. In addition, if you are reduced to 0 HP, the glove automatically destroys all the shards you currently have and heals you for the maximum amount you could roll.

Focus: 4 tiny black spherical gems appear on the back of the glove. As a bonus action, you can consume a gem to gain advantage on your next spell attack roll. 1d2+2 gems reappear at dawn.

Mystra’s Will: Mystra’s favor has found you. Three white diamonds appear on the cuff of the glove. As a reaction, you may consume one of the diamonds to cast the shield spell. The diamonds reappear at dawn.

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