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Ghoul Domination [Monstrous]

Ghouls you create are under your control.
Prerequisite: Ghoul fever supernatural ability.
Benefit: Humanoids who die of your ghoul fever rise as ghouls under your control at the next midnight. Ghouls created in this way retain none of the abilities they had in life. Humanoids of 3 or less HD become ghouls, humanoids of 4-5 HD become ghasts, and humanoids of 6 or more HD become gravetouched ghouls of the appropriate level (see Libris Mortis: The Book Of Undead for the gravetouched ghoul template). Ghoulish creatures you create remain enslaved until your death. You may control a number of spawn equal to twice your HD. If you create a spawn that exceeds this number, the longest controlled spawn goes free.
Normal: Ghouls you create are not under your control.

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